It all started when...

The Clarissa Community Museum was established in 1984 and moved into a building owned by the City of Clarissa in 1987. When that building was condemned in 2008, all artifacts were moved into storage. Since then, the museum Board of Directors has been investigating options available to restore the museum as a viable organization for the the community of Clarissa and the surrounding area. The option to add an addition to the Clarissa Senior Center's building was adopted because of the location, accessibility to the public, and available parking and space toe enable artifact display as well as safe storage of items not on display.

Restoration of the Clarissa Community Museum will enable the members to continue their mission of educating citizens, former residents, and students within the community about the efforts of residents who formed the community when it was established in 1897 and the actions of residents since then who have contributed to continue this as a viable community.